Illustration of Mal
This is a Very Mal project


There are two figures. One is a wearing a brown tweed suit and has an eel in a plastic bag with water for a head. The other is sitting in a recliner, wearing an orange shirt and slacks, has their legs crossed, and is giving a peace to the viewer. The sitted figure has a goldfish in a plastic bag as a head.

Draw this in your style

The Draw This In Your Style hashtag is an inspiring one. Seeing artists around the world do their own takes on characters and designs from other artists is a blast.

A figure is floating. They are wrapped in bandages and wearing a pink jean jacket, jeans, and a tshirt. Instead of flesh, they are made of stars and galaxies.

Dungeon Drawing Delve

Dungeon Drawing Delve is a yearly fantasy challenge put together by a few fantasy artists and their pals. It's a great way to experiment with character design and is something I actively look forward to every February.

A tween, Black skateboarding girl is performing a trick through her Chinese dragon styled familiar. The familiar is looping around her and smiling.

Familiar Feelings

A personal project where I design a person and their familiar. I usually get the prompt from something like Illustration Friday or a random though like "I want to draw a robot today." The project was born from the need to draw people better.

John Constantine walking down stairs to the Underground.

Fan Art Friday

Fan Art Friday is just a shameless cry for likes and reposts. Everybody loves a pop of culture though!

A magician wearing a papercraft fox mask and a tux is looking at a glowing orb of light that is floating above their left hand.


Inktober is the first art "challenge" I took part in. I used it each year to get better at Procreate and draw something no one ever hired me to draw: horror.

A young girl with glasses and curly hair is looking at the reader. Around her face is a cube of yellow energy. The background is divided in to a field of stars and the pattern of a brain.


Robotface is a small, private, international collective of illustrators, painters & artists. We occasionally do group art challenges for fun and amusement.

The Tenth Doctor, played by David Tennant, is wearing Converse, a blue striped suit, and a brown overcoat.

Who Wednesday

An ode to my favorite sci-fi show.